Piercings and Meridians

topic posted Wed, June 13, 2007 - 8:34 PM by  persephone
im considering getting a nostril piercing (left) and am wondering what points or meridians this might intersect/ stimulate. thanks for any/ all thoughts...
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    Wed, June 13, 2007 - 9:00 PM
    as an acupuncturist who has been trained to do body piercing, i think the nostril is one of the safer piercings from tcm standpoint. most really traditional piercings not in the ear tend to be relatively benign. nostril piercings are said to make the wearer more passive, though that comes from india where this is a popular traditional piercing, rather than from china. different metals can have an affect on the wearer as well. the meridian most affected would, imo, be the large intestine meridian, but a traditionally placed nostril piercing would not really be on any point or meridian. this is probably for the best.
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      Fri, June 15, 2007 - 3:03 AM
      heidi, what can you tell us about ear piercings? and what do the different metals do, or plastics or other materials? I have ofen wondered about that..
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        Fri, June 15, 2007 - 9:20 AM
        the information i am about to dispense is little known by either acupuncturists or piercers. some may know some of this, but i doubt anyone knows everything i am about to tell you. not too many acupuncturists have studied piercing, nor vice-versa. i am very interested in this subect, and have explored it in depth. i also have studied allergy in great depth. this is a brief summary. i am presenting esoteric knowledge here.

        the ear is a microsystem, whereas the entire body is reflected on the surface of the ear. there is no place on the ear that would not affect this microsystem. within the ear acupuncture system, there are different approaches. the most developed and complicated is auriculotherapy. auriculotherapy is designed to create a very precise approach to point location and selection, but it is difficult to learn and is considered a little-known specialty. most acupuncturists just eyeball the point and stick a needle according to a map of the ear. to make matters worse, they call this auriculotherapy, but it is not. it is ear acupuncture. these points are small and close to one another, so this is rather like throwing darts, imo. body points are larger and more forgiving of this approach. i specialized in auriculotherapy, and taught my own approach to it at an accredited acupuncture institute in seattle. i prefer it to body acupuncture because a precise approach to the ear gave better results than body points, in my experience. also, auriculotherapy, practiced as intended and designed by paul nogier, is a genuine east-west hybrid modality. i found that relevant for the treatment of modern-day westerners. as with anything in tcm, you will get different answers to a question, depending on who you ask.

        depending on the intent of the piercer and piercee, the materials and techniques used, ear piercings could be beneficial, detrimental, or neutral. gold is tonifying, steel is neutral but slightly toxic, silver is dispersing, plastic is toxic, and natural materials such as wood and bone could stimulate more the mystical/initiatory aspects of a piercing. many people are allergic to metals, especially nickel which is frequently mixed into other metals to create an amalgam. gold on its own is too soft to be workable, for example. titanium is the safest of the metals, for most people. virtually everyone is allergic to plastic. the softer plastics are the worst. i tend to keep glass in my own piercings, which runs the risk of breaking, but is the most neutral substance known. i also use organics, such as bone, shell, and horn. i use metal temporarily, to guage a piercing, but i am no longer allergic to any of these materials, having cured my own allergies. -:D (smiley with a mohawk™) i never use plastic.

        i am relatively new to piercing, and chose to study it through fakir musafar's school in san francisco, because i wanted to get the best training available. i chose to study piercing because i am very interested in the sacred/initiatory/ritual aspect of it. i practice only ritual piercing. people who just want a hole should go to a reputable shop. i do not work in a shop, because i do very little piercing, and have not found a shop in seattle or bellingham that will accomodate my needs. i tend to pierce people in their own homes, where the germs are their own, rather than in some harsh chemical environment where an illusion of sterility is created to the detriment of a healthy environment.

        mostly i practice medical intuition from the tcm perspective and medical qi gong. i do little acupuncture, but have been licensed since 1994. i do not currently advertise body piercing in my practice. my professional website is at
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          Fri, June 15, 2007 - 9:50 AM
          wow, heidi! you are a wealth of information. thanks for your response.
          i was curious about this because years ago, when i got my conch pierced, i had a really horrific outbreak of cold sores. previously id get like, one cold sore a year, but this was all over my mouth and was insanely painful. someone later told me that my conch piercing was on a liver point, and i guessed that i had aggrevated my already inflamed liver. i wanted to make sure not to do anything like that again. passivity isnt great, but its better than cold sores:) ive also heard that a meridian line will "move" around the piercing spot after time. i am already prone to having an exaccerbated liver so i feel a smidge guilty keeping the ring, but i guess its there to stay until im convinced its actually problematic. also, im assuming its steel, is that the standard cheapo ring usually used at a shop?
          fakirs is actually where im headed for this piercing... interesting. good to know they come recommended.
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            Fri, June 15, 2007 - 10:10 AM
            yw. some believe the pierced ear point will relocate nearby, and others believe the piercing will continue to stimulate the point indefinitely. i think one can affect this with intention, depending on one's abilities with qi gong, tai chi, meditation, other kinds of focused intention, or related skills. surgical steel is the norm for a new piercing. you might fare better with titanium. fakir's school is where i studied the nuts-n-bolts of piercing, but fakir himself is very interested in the ritual and transformative aspect of body modification, and conducted a ritual at the end of our week-long intensive. i got my septum pierced in this ritual--awesome! -:D
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    Fri, June 29, 2007 - 3:25 PM
    One of my masters in Thailand , Asokananda was against piercing and tatoos.
    A very good question.And I agree that the dull fatty part of the lower nostril can't be too bad for piercing.Same for the earlobe. The left side is the feminine.
    As a Thai massage therapist and Ayurvedic healer I have seen people suffer along the line systems from the above. Yes, the metals would be very important, depending on your Dosha constitution.
    The Miori tribes consider this a sacred rituel.
    Why are so many young longing for this?
    To belong? To be? To have control of the body,
    in this world?
    I wish you the best with this endeavor. .
    Om shanti,
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      Wed, July 4, 2007 - 9:53 AM
      I was having all kinds of stomache issues and my accupuncturist recommended taking my lip piercing out which I did. I think it really helped. I still have a belly button piercing and don't seem to have any issues with that piercing.
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        Tue, September 25, 2007 - 6:18 AM

        I can relate well to Heidi as I got into piercing before studying acupuncture,

        The only thing to be careful of when piercing the nostril is there is a nerve there that innovates to face and if on rare occaision you damage it then it can cause bells palsy, or partial facial paralysis. But hopefully all cool if you get treated with acu, I have treated this situation, interesting different to normal bells palsy caused by deficiency,

        This also applies to eyebrow piercings,

        As far as piercings go, try to steer clear of implants, my current dilemma, I can the qi blocking around the pearl and now must get it cut back out, not so fun,
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    Sat, October 27, 2007 - 4:05 AM
    I asked my acupuncturist the same thing, I have several ear piercings, left nostril and belly button. I had them all done for specific life changes and to release energy blocks. On my nostril, a baby dragon fly came out of nowhere the second he pierced (in a closed room inside a building). A friends daughter was with me, she flipped, my piercer and I just smiled and enjoyed the moment. Sidetracked...
    So I asked my acup. who's been practicing 30 years and was referred to by 1/2 dozen of the therapists that work for me who I highly respect. He said that you might have slight effects when you first get the piercing, that's it. I'm thinking that the type of material used might have more affect than the actual piercing itself. I have gold in my bellybutton and ears, and use stainless steel (it has the shortest post I've found) for my nose.

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